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Belle & Evan | Fargo Wedding Photographer

Belle & Evan hold the record for rainiest wedding I have photographed. They should also get a reward for how calm and collected they were, despited having an outdoor ceremony! I had such a fun day with these two! 

Of course we've all heard many superstitions about rain on your wedding day. For example, rain on your wedding day means you'll be rich, it's bad luck and rain signifies the amount of tears you'll cry, rain means you'll have lots of children and the list of superstitions goes on and on.

But have you really ever thought about rain? Rain brings new life. Rain helps cool the earth (&us). Rain refreshes and energizes. Oh and have you ever tried to untie a wet shoe lace? If a knot becomes wet, it's extremely hard to untie- think about that. I hope all of my couples realize how amazing marriage is and how much work it can take. Marriage is hard work, but man is it so beautiful and totally worth it!  So let marriage be like the rain, let it refresh and energize you & remember to cool off.  Be united and like a wet knot, hard to untie. You're in this for good, rain or shine! 

Belle & Evan, I wish you the best! Thank you for having me at your wedding.