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Jones Family | Fargo Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

Oh this family. Ky contacted me while she was still pregnant to set up a couple sessions and I have been looking forward to this home session since! Now you all know that in home sessions are the beat of my heart, so when I walk into a home I'm already excited. These guys are low key, super kind, laid back and just a real joy to be around and we had such a great time! I'm looking forward to seeing the boys grow! 

Anniversary Film | Fargo Family Photographer


Recently I was sitting at my desk one day when a facebook message from Lauren popped up.

"Hi Penny. ....My husband and I are celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary on Tuesday and, though we couldn't get anything done before that, I was hoping we could do something together soonish (this summer). I have a big idea. In the chaos of planning a wedding, we decided to spring for the photographer (the lovely and talented Elisabeth Eden who did amazing work) and save costs by not getting a professional videographer....Sadly the only footage we have is a few clips around the reception. No ceremony. No vows. No speeches. No dances. As a major sentimentalist this broke my heart. It's a day that I'll remember forever in my own mind but I wish I had some video to show Josslyn of the promises her mommy and daddy made to each other that day. So this is my big idea... I would love I have Robby think we are doing a family film of some sort. He's obviously going to have some idea of what's going on since he will be there and whatnot but I'm hoping over parts of the film I can do a voice over with my own crafted vows. I want to tell him that I will love him and sickness and in health, richer or poorer, and even when he doesn't close the car door when he fills the car up with gas. I want him to know that out of all our adventures together, raising Josslyn is my favorite. I want the film to be my belated anniversary gift to him full of even more personal vows than we made 3 years ago and I would LOVE for you to help me make that happen."

So we met at Babb's Coffee in Fargo and we planned with our coffee's in hand. We eventually got together at their home in Moorhead for a "family session" and the magic began. If you know Lauren you know that she has a a beautiful heart and is incredible at writing. You will soon hear in the video that her heart for her family is so sweet and I was so honored to be able to help her make this surprise film for him. 



Tina & Zach | Fargo, ND Wedding Videography

Tina has the most contagious laugh and Zach the sweetest smirk. Couple that with a beautiful fall day at the Fargo Country Club and you might have the ingredients for an amazing day. So thankful for such wonderful clients who trust me on their wedding day!

Rain | 15 Second Friday

Last night it poured. I mean really poured. The kind of downpour where you are out for seconds and so drenched it looks like you've showered.  Sometimes you've just gotta run in the pouring rain with your sister.

Diapers, rainboots and a whole lot of cute in this edition of 15 Second Friday.

June 20th | 15 Second Friday

You guys, I totally dropped the ball last week and barely made it this week with my 15 Second Friday series.

I'm not really sure how I feel about this one. I filmed it on a whim a couple of nights ago after a little chat with a fellow female film maker who helped me walk through some self resistance I was dealing with.

So I feel good about that. Here's to pushing through self resistance.


Baby Koska is a.....

Emily and Mike are expecting this fall and as you can see are quite excited to welcome him! They're adorable together and I'm sure adding a third Koska will just be too much to handle, I'm so excited to make a film of baby Koska's arrival this fall.



I received these beautiful words from a new friend today. I was so struck by them, I asked if she would allow me to share with you all and she kindly obliged.

" I'm in PA visiting my parents. My dad is really sick. I took these pictures in the farm house that my mom grew up in. Her grandfather built the house 200 years ago. My aunt, who owned it, died last summer. Her children have completely cleaned out the house and it's now for sale. I spent a lot of my childhood in that old house. I share this with you because you appreciate history and stories and photos. I'm just sad that I wasn't able to take more time to get good photos. The quick iphone photos can't take these images where I want them to go but if i had the time, talent, and gear, I would take awesome photos of this and title them "saying goodbye". T
his little trip is my good bye to my dad. i don't think i will see him again this side of heaven but what a blessing to have this special time with him. When I was younger my grandma called me his shadow. "  -Connie

Life is so fleeting. One day the memories we made will be all we have left on this earth of the ones we love.  Take time to make memories and take time to remember the ones that were made already.  Your story is important.



Dandelions | 15 Second Friday

This family, was one of the first I filmed. They opened their home to me as I was experimenting with film making and made me chocolate scones (bonus!). This film is not perfect on my part, but it's full of beautiful family moments. More to come soon, but for now here's your 15 second Friday.