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Meredith & Jared | Engagement Story | Minneapolis Engagement Photographer


I met up with Meredith and Jared in Minneapolis for their engagement shoot last month. Within minutes of our meeting, I could tell that they were a perfect match. Meredith was so kind and Jared a walking example of gentleness.  To say I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and can't wait for their wedding this fall would be a total understatement.
You can read a bit more about their story below:

"It’s funny in life how even the most circuitous paths can find their way to each other. Jared, a sun and ocean-loving Californian, and I, a sunscreen-wearing prairie-loving North Dakotan, were on two different journeys that somehow brought us together in Rochester, MN. I’d like to think we had been looking up at the same sky wishin’ for “the one” to enter our worlds all these years. After meeting each other, it was that feeling that all you’ve been missing in life is wrapped up in this one person. We shared laughs, tears, tea, and passion for life and all its gifts. And that was it… this was the start of our forever.

I’ve always thought it fitting that we met in our residencies - fields we both chose to serve others - because marriage is the choice, such an important choice, you both make to serve one another through life - the happy, the sad, the joys, and the difficulties. We have very similar hearts. We share love of God, family, friends, outdoors, quiet times, hobbies - you name it. In a year together, we have traveled to new places, sang loudly at concerts, admired art museums, and tasted delicious food. Whatever lies ahead will be an incredible journey, now sharing the same path. Everything I had envisioned for a life well lived has been gifted to me in Jared. He is my very greatest earthly blessing." -Meredith