1+1=6! Maggie & Edie | Fargo Children's Photographer

Maggie plus Edie = two 6 year olds with a lot of personality.  These girls have known each other since birth. I worked with Britta (yes, the Britta The Photographer) and as it would happen Edie was born 17 hours before Maggie in the same hospital. It's such a fun memory and it's been fun to photograph the girls growing up through the years. 

This year Britta and myself wandered out with the girls to Buffalo River State Park. My Magnolia has a toothless grin and less of a baby face, while Edie has a splint on her wrist from her biking adventures. I think 6 is going to be good. 

Rain | 15 Second Friday

Last night it poured. I mean really poured. The kind of downpour where you are out for seconds and so drenched it looks like you've showered.  Sometimes you've just gotta run in the pouring rain with your sister.

Diapers, rainboots and a whole lot of cute in this edition of 15 Second Friday.

Childhood Unplugged | July

It's currently raining and yesterday I wore a sweater. It may not quite feel like July, but holy smokes, is it ever. A new month also means a new version of Childhood Unplugged posts. Be sure to bop over to the website and check out all the beautiful images by my talented friends and check us out on instagram if you want to participate too!

June 20th | 15 Second Friday

You guys, I totally dropped the ball last week and barely made it this week with my 15 Second Friday series.

I'm not really sure how I feel about this one. I filmed it on a whim a couple of nights ago after a little chat with a fellow female film maker who helped me walk through some self resistance I was dealing with.

So I feel good about that. Here's to pushing through self resistance.


You Are...Heck Yeah.

I've known this sweet family for quite some time now. Britta and myself were pals when we worked at Milestones Photography 5 years ago (woah, we're getting old).  I remember being pregnant and suspecting she was as well. Turns out, my motherly instinct was right and she was due a mere two weeks after me! (sorry boss) Also turns out, she went into labor early and I went late.  Me and Kyle (my husband) were visiting their new baby, Edie, as we walked the halls with an IV cart in tow.  Our spunky girls Edie and Maggie were born a mere 17 hours apart from one another in the same hospital. It's one of my favorite stories ever. Oh and there's this story below, it's also one of my new favorites. Heck yeah!

Childhood Unplugged | May

For the past few months, I have been part of group of photographers who are making a conscious effort to encourage our children to get back to the art of play. Letting go of technology, if only for a little while to explore once again the magic of imagination and curiosity.

Each month, we post images of our children being unplugged, hoping to encourage others to get back to the art of play, without technology. You can find this months images over at the Childhood Unplugged website and be sure to follow us on Instagram too, as we feature images from people all over the world.

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