Trefethren Family | Moorhead Family Photography in the Fall


Oh this family. What can I say that hasn't already been said in previous posts? I've just adored getting to know them over the last few years. You can get to know them more here and here...oh and here. I'll let the videos and photos speak for this sweet cool fam. 

My first birth film- Essentia Hospital | Fargo Birth Photography

Let's revisit my first ever birth film.  My family had just moved back to Minnesota after a short stint in Iowa and I was taking a course through the Define School to reignite my creativity. Out of the blue, I got this crazy idea to post a call on my Facebook page. So I posted something along the lines of " Looking for a couple that would be willing to let me film and take photos of their birth". Within minutes I had a few people contact me, but I knew of Kara and Ryan and I was confident they would be a great fit. Little did I know that they would be such amazing people and watching them work as a team to welcome their daughter would be one of the sweetest moments of my career. Not to mention the amazing care they received from the nurses and midwives at Essentia Hospital. I won't say much else, other than Thank You to Kara and Ryan. It's because of you that I fell head over heals with birth photography and capturing those first breaths of life. 

Zion | Fargo Birth Photographer

Zion came into the world roaring after his strong momma's roller coaster ride of a labor! It's quite fitting that his siblings now call him Zion the lion. This is the story of Zion. Welcome to the world, little buddy. 

Anniversary Film | Fargo Family Photographer


Recently I was sitting at my desk one day when a facebook message from Lauren popped up.

"Hi Penny. ....My husband and I are celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary on Tuesday and, though we couldn't get anything done before that, I was hoping we could do something together soonish (this summer). I have a big idea. In the chaos of planning a wedding, we decided to spring for the photographer (the lovely and talented Elisabeth Eden who did amazing work) and save costs by not getting a professional videographer....Sadly the only footage we have is a few clips around the reception. No ceremony. No vows. No speeches. No dances. As a major sentimentalist this broke my heart. It's a day that I'll remember forever in my own mind but I wish I had some video to show Josslyn of the promises her mommy and daddy made to each other that day. So this is my big idea... I would love I have Robby think we are doing a family film of some sort. He's obviously going to have some idea of what's going on since he will be there and whatnot but I'm hoping over parts of the film I can do a voice over with my own crafted vows. I want to tell him that I will love him and sickness and in health, richer or poorer, and even when he doesn't close the car door when he fills the car up with gas. I want him to know that out of all our adventures together, raising Josslyn is my favorite. I want the film to be my belated anniversary gift to him full of even more personal vows than we made 3 years ago and I would LOVE for you to help me make that happen."

So we met at Babb's Coffee in Fargo and we planned with our coffee's in hand. We eventually got together at their home in Moorhead for a "family session" and the magic began. If you know Lauren you know that she has a a beautiful heart and is incredible at writing. You will soon hear in the video that her heart for her family is so sweet and I was so honored to be able to help her make this surprise film for him. 



M+J+A | Fargo Family Photographer

Isn't it amazing what love can do? This sweet family was brought together through adoption and they asked me to photograph their little family shortly after they welcomed their sweet son into the family. I couldn't have jumped faster at the opportunity. I just adore this family and this set of images. The sweet bond between them had me wiping a few tears behind my camera (shh)!

Noah | Fargo ND, | Birth Photographer

Northern Stories | Fargo ND | Birth Photography

Nicole and I are friends, she's been telling me since before she was even pregnant that I "needed to be there" for his birth. So imagine my surprise when I woke up one morning at 7 am to see a text from her at 2:31 am "So my water just broke, come to the hospital whenever!" Oh did I mention she was FOUR weeks early? F-O-U-R! Typically I am on call for 2 weeks prior and after the baby's due date, so I wasn't quite prepared for this. Thankfully things progressed pretty slowly right away and I was able to get to the hospital with plenty of time to spare and eventually document Noah meeting his parents! So much joy! You can see the video of his arrival below. 

Documenting a birth is one of the most humbling things I do and brings me to tears each time. So if you hire me and find me tearing up, don't worry, it's nothing personal. Actually it is, i'm just thankful you allow me into that moment.  I can't believe I have a job that allows me to stand near when tiny humans take their first breath, as parents first meet their children whom they have longed for. It's quite miraculous and man, I am just so grateful. 

Everett | Fargo Birth Photographer

Casey is my hairdresser and a darn good one at that. She is also an amazing human who I've really enjoyed getting to know over the last year. She recently had a baby boy and I visited them at the hospital to take a few photos of his freshness. It had been sort of a rough morning for this baby boy, but  oh my goodness, is he sweet or what? Can't wait to photograph their entire family, including big sis,  today!