Noah | Fargo ND, | Birth Photographer

Northern Stories | Fargo ND | Birth Photography

Nicole and I are friends, she's been telling me since before she was even pregnant that I "needed to be there" for his birth. So imagine my surprise when I woke up one morning at 7 am to see a text from her at 2:31 am "So my water just broke, come to the hospital whenever!" Oh did I mention she was FOUR weeks early? F-O-U-R! Typically I am on call for 2 weeks prior and after the baby's due date, so I wasn't quite prepared for this. Thankfully things progressed pretty slowly right away and I was able to get to the hospital with plenty of time to spare and eventually document Noah meeting his parents! So much joy! You can see the video of his arrival below. 

Documenting a birth is one of the most humbling things I do and brings me to tears each time. So if you hire me and find me tearing up, don't worry, it's nothing personal. Actually it is, i'm just thankful you allow me into that moment.  I can't believe I have a job that allows me to stand near when tiny humans take their first breath, as parents first meet their children whom they have longed for. It's quite miraculous and man, I am just so grateful.