5 for 6

9 years ago, I was a nineteen year old, ready to explore the world and spread my wings. So I took a year off of college and joined a team that brought me around the USA and West Africa.

9 years ago, I met a friend at a little camp in Northern Minnesota, while we were training for our adventures. We shared late nights on the dock with chai tea in hand and the Northern lights above our heads.

9 years ago me and that friend went our separate ways and decided to check in weekly, because we were friends and that's what friends do.

8 years ago, that friend became more than just my friend.

8 years ago, my friend committed to writing me letters for almost 5 months, while I was in West Africa and he was in the Gulf Coast.

8 years ago, we fell head over heals through pen and paper and an occasional phone call.

8 years ago, we ended our year of volunteer work and went on our very first date, making it official.

7 years ago, we started dating long distance, he in Iowa and me in North Dakota.

7 years ago, he moved to North Dakota.

6 years ago, we got engaged.

6 years ago, (tomorrow!) we got married.

5 years ago, we found out we were expecting!

4 years ago, we said hello for the first time to our sweet, Magnolia. 10 months later we hit the road to Iowa.

3 years ago, we trudged through some of the hardest/darkest moments of our life together, Kyle was my rock during an emotionally unstable time.

3 years ago, we found out we were expecting! Again!

2 years ago, little miss Violet showed her pretty face and a few months later we found ourselves on road back to North Dakota.

1 year ago we celebrated our 5th year anniversary at Itasca state park. (see video above) Hey, at least I posted the 5th year video for our 6th year. It only took my a year ;)

Now here we sit, in Fargo after many crazy events, a few moves, and a of couple babies. I am so thankful we were placed on the same path, Kyle. Watching you become my husband and our girls' daddy has been the so good for my heart. You are gentle, patient, hardworking and encouraging. It's been a whirlwind and even on the craziest days I wouldn't trade it for anything else. You are my best friend.