Who is Northern Stories? It's me, Penny. I am a professional photographer specializing in weddings, families and motherhood sessions. I take pride in creating beautiful images that I pour my heart into making; I love documenting real moments and telling stories of our lives that often fade quickly, both in the everyday and during major events. I have dabbled in wedding film-making, but have decided to take on a very limited amount of films for next season and focus my main attention back to wedding photography.

I have always been the sentimental one in my family, and today I recognize my love of sentiment as a gift to others. Through storytelling, I love capturing moments like when a mother’s eyes meet her newborns for the first time, when a three-year-old plays with her mother’s hair out of habit. I love the look in a father's eyes as he sees his daughter on her wedding day, the way a groom wrings his hands as he waits nervously for his bride and even the terribly awkward dance moves aunt Betty is throwing around the dance floor.

Each memory is important for what it is in its honesty. Because this is your life, right now, in front of you. Not tomorrow after the house is clean or when you’ve lost those pounds; today, right now. And it’s beautiful.